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The exercises are entirely unlike any other system of movement or exercise. They do not resemble yoga, dance, T’ai Ch’i, or martial arts. They range from gentle to exceedingly difficult. Some can be performed by almost everyone. Others are used by boxers and other athletes in an exercise regimen requiring extreme strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic exertion.

sKu-mNyé - Fridays at 5:15pm BST

sKu-mNyé for fitness Fridays at 4:15pm   

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We are intrinsically linked to what we like to classify as the outer world, the other, separate from us.
These yogas help to blur the false wall we have erected and offer an insight into possibilities.
People experience increased joy, health, vitality and peace practising these psycho- physical exercises.

With regular practice, experience of the senses becomes enlivened and increasingly vivid

Wednesdays - 12:00pm BST

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Gentle stretch & Breathe

In this class we concentrate on breathing as much as stretching.

Breath relaxes the body and allows the entire system - body, mind and subtle body to open up and return to an easier mode of being.

 Friday at 4:00 pm BST


Private Sessions

Sometimes we need a little more attention and help.

Talk to Sang-gyé about the options:


Helping with recovery and injury.

A programme designed for your specific goals.

Assistance losing weight.

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